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Tileron was established in 1993. Until now, we have 8 extrusion lines already. We are also proud that Tileron is the 1st maker who produce Polycarbonate Hollow Profile Sheet in Taiwan. Tileron also can supply many kinds of Plastic Sheet, such as PETG, PMMA,, PS and PC. We are a professional manufacturer in Plastic Extrusion field.

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Tileron Enterprise Co.,Ltd is your leading industry resource for manufacturers and product information on the Polycarbonate Sheet, PC Corrugated Sheet, PC Hollow Sheet. Our sales, production and technical teams have vast knowledge and experience in all aspects of Polycarbonate Sheet, PC Corrugated Sheet, PC Hollow Sheet, PC Sheet, PMMA Sheet. In addition, our company is a professional manufacturer of Polycarbonate Sheet, providing with top quality.
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PETG Sheet

PETG Sheet

PETG has a wide variety of uses; its clarity, malleability, ease of decoration and good chemical resistance make this plastic particularly popular.

PETG is an amorphous thermoplastic which has high impact resistance even at low temperatures. Extruded PETG offers very high clarity and can be easily coloured during processing. UV stable grades of PETG are available for outdoor applications.

It's food approved, making PETG extrusions a common choice at point of sale.
Our company is a reputed Polycarbonate Sheet manufacturer in Buildings & Construction. Your Best Source for Polycarbonate Sheet infrastructure products and services. If you want to know more relative information about Polycarbonate Sheet, PC Corrugated Sheet, PC Hollow Sheet, please contact us immediately.