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PC Solid Sheet
PC Emboss Sheet

PC Emboss Sheet

PC Emboss Sheet

PC Emboss Sheet is suitable for many applications and provides great UV protection.
PC Emboss Sheet also features its high-impact strength.
PC Emboss Sheet offers the highest levels of glazing performance where transparency or tailored light transmission along with high impact strength is of vital importance. Their versatility makes them the ideal choice for glazing in hospitals, schools, sporting arenas and public infrastructure projects . They are available in transparent ( compact sheets) & textured (emboss sheets) finishes.

The advantages as following:
1. Safety
PC Emboss sheet is with a very high impact strength and making them the ideal choice here safety is of prime importance.
2. Light weight
UV protection
3. EVirtually Maintenance Free
Only Periodic cleaning with Water or by using Moist cloth.
4. Economical and save more installation cost
Because PC Embossed sheets are light than comparable thickness of Glass or other material and customer could save more money and reducing life-cycle cost.
5. High Durability
PC solid sheet are very durable and long lasting by virtue of their high impact strength and UV protection.
6. Optimum Light Transmission
PC solid sheet provide optimal light transmission
7. Design Flexibility

Solid PC sheets can be tailored to provide optimal light transmission enabling the designer to create interesting solutions for different formative design any possibilities.

8. Application Areas
1. Roofing skylite
2. Canopy for the window
3. Ceilings covering
4. Advertising signage