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PC LED Sheet

PC LED Sheet

Our company offers PC LED Sheet, PC Sheet and Plastic Sheet with a wide range of applications.
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PC LED Sheets are an excellent glazing material with remarkable properties making them the ideal choice for light transmitting constructions in the industrial, commercial, domestic and leisure segments.

The advantages as following:
High Impact Strength
PC LED sheet have very high impact strength.
Light weight
PC LED sheet are light ( less than 1/6 the weight of a sheet of glass of comparable thickness) and easy for installations.
Easy to install
PC LED sheets are very easy for installations because they are very light and easy to handle.
Economical and save more installation cost
Because PC LED sheets are lighter than comparable thickness of Glass or other material and customer could save more money and reducing life-cycle cost.
High Durability
PC LED sheet are very durable and long lasting by virtue of their high impact strength and UV protection.
Energy Saving
PC LED sheets have better unique advantage is its own design could expand light more even and more bright than regular PC Hollow profile sheet , thus making them the first choice for energy efficient Light Transmitting Constructions especially on advertising signage . This property of PC LED sheets leads to electricity of light saving.
Optimum Light Transmission
PC LED sheet provides excellent optimal light transmission
Application Areas
a) Conservatories
b) Green Houses
c) Interior Decoration
d) Advertising signage

PC Led Sheet Specification Information
Available Thickness 4m/m(2w) 6m/m(2w)
Max Production Width 2100m/m
Available Length 5800m/m,6000m/m,11800m/m,12000m/m,13400m/m
Available Color

2.Transparent / Opal white color

Mini Quanity 930pcs 640pcs