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Tileron was established in 1993. Until now, we have 8 extrusion lines already. We are also proud that Tileron is the 1st maker who produce Polycarbonate Hollow Profile Sheet in Taiwan. Tileron also can supply many kinds of Plastic Sheet, such as PETG, PMMA,, PS and PC. We are a professional manufacturer in Plastic Extrusion field.

PC Honeycomb Sheet, PC Honeycomb Sheet

Tileron Enterprise Co.,Ltd is a leading provider of PC Honeycomb Sheet and performance products and is recognized throughout the Buildings & Construction industries for its complete selection, superior customer care, and fast delivery. In addition to PC Honeycomb Sheet, Polycarbonate Honeycomb Sheet, PC Honeycomb sheets, Polycarbonate honeycomb sheets, PC Multiwall Sheet, PC Multiwall Sheets, we also specialize in providing PC Honeycomb Sheet.
PC Honeycomb Sheet

PC Honeycomb Sheet

PC Honeycomb Sheet

PC Honeycomb Sheet has better support, better heat-resistance and
better prevention of drop(dew).

We are a professional manufacturer of PC Honeycomb sheet.
Specification :

Our PC Honeycomb Sheet can be produced at 3 thicknesses

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Tileron Enterprise Co.,Ltd is a well-established and highly respected Taiwan PC Honeycomb Sheet manufacturer with a global reputation for excellence in product design, quality, reliability and the highest levels of customer service. If you're in Taiwan and need expert advice from our experienced and knowledgeable staff, please visit our showroom.